Existing Tavern members: How to set up your forum account.


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    Existing Tavern members: How to set up your forum account.

    Post  Hemlocke on Wed Apr 07, 2010 12:55 am

    1. Use the Register link at the top right. Enter a forum name that is the same as your Server 4 in-game name, or some recognizable variation of it. Put in a password & valid email address.

    2. Check your email & hit the confirmation link you get.

    3. Come back here. Click Usergroups (top bar). Apply to join the Tavern Members group, your wing's group, and Officers if you are already an officer. The Usergroups panel is for groups you're already a member of in the game, not for asking if you can be an officer or if you can switch wings.

    4. Wait for an officer or moderator to accept you into your various groups. You can send Kaaos or Hemlocke a polite IGM about it if we haven't approved your groups within a day or two.

    5. Go to Profile and enter as much information about yourself as you like in the various tabs. DO select an avatar picture from the gallery or upload your own (75x75 px); the default is a gigantic faceless mannequin that takes up way too much space.

    6. Check out the different forums, read the various sticky posts and announcements, and feel free to introduce yourself in the general discussion forum and your wing forum. Check in regularly!

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